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Get 10% less fees and up to $1,000 deposit bonus: register on Bitget
Login to your Bitget account, open the Profile menu top right, select the API Management, and click the Create API Key button.
Or access the page directly here: https://www.bitget.com/account/newapi
bitget create api key modal
Please ensure:
  • The key has enabled permission for "All read-only" and "Trade"
  • The linked IP address is (resolves to https://bitget.tuleep.trade, since Bitget doesn't allow CORS requests we need to proxy/VPN requests)
  • Please remember the passphrase, do not choose a password you would use, you will need it
Click "Next", and you then copy the generated API Key and Secret Key. You will need those for setting up tuleep.trade
bitget create api success modal
You can now return to tuleep.trade and add the generated key into the terminal settings.
Last modified 5mo ago