This section displays the connected current exchange and indicates the latency between you and the exchange.

Latency measures the time it takes for your input to reach the exchange, and lower latency is preferable for faster trading execution.


You can preview the trade you plan to execute directly on the chart by toggling this option.


Enabling this toggle hides all dollar values from the interface, which is useful when sharing your screen to maintain privacy and confidentiality.


Enabling this toggle enables sound notifications to alert you to important events or changes in the trading terminal.


This dropdown-menu allows you to personalize the displayed blocks of tuleep.


This button serves as a killswitch to close all open positions and cancel any active orders on the currently selected account.


Clicking this button opens the settings modal, where you can customize your preferences and adjust various settings.

Select account dropdown

You can use this dropdown to quickly switch between accounts without navigating away from the current page or screen.


This internal clock is synchronized with the server and displays the current UTC or local time.

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