News trading

Size presets

Size used in the news trading buttons

Shortcut buy/sell sizing

Select the size from "size presets" to be used when trading with shortcuts.

Default tickers

In cases where no tickers match the news, tuleep can use a predefined set of tickers.

Custom words

You can add your pair of words <> tickers symbol for matching into news content.

Words inclusive list

Tuleep will only show news matching those keywords.

Words block list

Tuleep will ignore news items that contain these specific words.

Order type

This setting allows you to pick the type of order to be placed when trading from the news feed.

Auto TP

Automatically set take profit when trading from news feed it only works with entries on limit & market orders.

Auto SL

Automatically set stop loss when trading from news feed it only works with entries on limit & market orders.

Receive news from NewsmakerPro

Subscribe to newsfeed

Receive news from TreeNews

Subscribe to newsfeed

Revert to the old layout

Toggle to enable the older news feed layout without including the BUY/SELL trade instruments. This is used by some traders that have built macro on top of the tuleep interface.

Toggle the news dot on the chart

This option allows you to hide/show blue dots on the chart representing a news timestamp that matches the selected ticker.

Auto select ticker

This option will automatically select the first ticker in the news and display its chart.

Trade shortcuts

Enable/disable trade shortcuts. Here are the default shortcuts:

  • ArrowUp / ArrowDown to select news

  • b to buy the first ticker matched

  • s to sell the first ticker matched

Split short/long buttons vertically

Change layout disposition of long/short buttons.

Show long buttons

Toggle buy/long buttons under news.

Show short buttons

Toggle sell/short buttons under news.

Read news out loud using text to speech

Pretty self-explanatory; every piece of news will be read out loud when received.

TreeNews API Key

If you are a paid subscriber of TreeNews you can add your API Key to enable the news feed without the 5s delay on some news.

How to get your API Key?

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